National Parks: Big Bend

As a Native Texan, it is very important to make a trip “out West” at least once in your lifetime. Also, if you are not native to Texas or live in Texas, the term “out West” refers to West Texas, specifically the panhandle area: Marfa, Big Bend, El Paso and anywhere along the Rio Grande. […]

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Hiking Solo

I have on many occasions traveled solo and on many more occasions made a point to go hiking solo. This trip, like many other places can be scary. Inside most National Parks, cell service is extremely limited and if something were to happen no one would even know. Even though I’m told “don’t go” or […]

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National Park: Rocky Mountain

After some unexpected events the past few months, it was time for a much needed break! Even the smallest of breaks from your daily routine can make a difference. Brad asked if I wanted to go somewhere… of course I did! He mentioned Colorado so we looked into a few places but when he specified Rocky […]

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