Salt Lake City

10 days has come and gone.

They have not gone by quickly, nor have they gone by slowly either. Departing Yellowstone we head North into Montana {checking off another state} and then back South through Idaho to return back to Utah and complete the final leg of this epic 2017 Roadtrip!

We finish off here in Salt Lake City, but this isn’t our first trip here… Continue reading “Salt Lake City”


Arches National park is a rather amazing place; in fact, it may be my second favorite National Park. Maybe it’s the Red rocks, maybe its the sculptural rock formations. Either way this is a MUST SEE park!

There is a magical feeling about Arches and I can’t quite pin point it, but I can tell you what you should know when you visit the park in 2017.

Arches One Day Guide Continue reading “Archer”