Arches National park is a rather amazing place; in fact, it may be my second favorite National Park. Maybe it’s the Red rocks, maybe its the sculptural rock formations. Either way this is a MUST SEE park!

There is a magical feeling about Arches and I can’t quite pin point it, but I can tell you what you should know when you visit the park in 2017.

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Zion: Take the Path Less Traveled

Continuing on day 5 after leaving the beautiful Antelope Canyon, we head North 2-1/2 hours to an RV Resort Campground called Ponderosa Zion.

4.UtahAlong our route, we discussed what we would do once we got to Zion. The original plan as discussed in Utah was to conquer Angel’s Landing. This was the first of all ideas thrown out by my travel companions! While I was not surprised in the least by this decision, I was surprised by what became of this day…

My favorite part of the entire road trip!

Come, let me take you down the path less traveled…

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Seeking “Phantom”

Day 5: From the Grand Canyon we drive North to Page, AZ ( 1-1/2 hour) where we pray that weather is cooperative, even though there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

Up in Page there are slot canyons known as Antelope Canyon (Upper & Lower)-a place I discussed in New Mexico/Arizona, when we got rained out and couldn’t tour any of the canyons.

Why am I here? Because I’m chasing my own “Phantom.” If you are not aware, Photographer and Artist Peter Lik sold one of his photographs of the famous slot canyons for $6.5 Million. Phantom is known to the be the most expensive photo in the world. The canyons are robust in color and smooth in texture, they’re  any artists’ ideal setting. All I seek is to see it myself and hope to have a photo I can enjoy!


cork screw

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The Biggest Hole on Earth (video heavy)

You might think that after visiting Meteor Crater, that seeing a giant hole in the earth is not so grand after all…

You would be so wrong!

After many years and one other attempt to try and see the Grand Canyon, today would finally be the day!

I expected… I don’t know what exactly I expected other than a large wavy hole in the earth created by a river and wind and so on. What I didn’t expect, was to be overwhelmed by it all. Taking in such a massive phenomenon really blew my mind.

Here is how I spent 24 hours at the Grand Canyon (South Rim)

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Crossing state lines

If you’ve ever been to Texas, then you know how big it really is…

Road trips typically aren’t so terrible. Crossing one state line to the next can range from 4-8 hours (depending on the state). Here in Texas, crossing to state lines can be an all day event {if you’re going across the entire state}.

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