The Japan Plan

2018 is just around the corner…

As you probably can imagine, I start looking into things right away. This will be our first trip to Aisa and I am over the moon. Figuring that my first trip to the continent of Asia would be to China, I already have an inkling of what things I want to see/do. Japan is a whole new ball game. This small island is full of things to do and has a wide range of climates, which is something I did not expect.

Below is a 5-Step guide to planning my trip to Japan (or anywhere)
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Bored with this Boardwalk town

I’d heard about the “dump” Atlantic City was and decided that I would not let others opinions sway my view. After my hour and a half drive in from Philadelphia, I headed straight to my hotel; The Borgata (a shining beacon from the Expressway). I would have made great timing except that I missed a turn off and got lost {which became a repetitious pattern during my stay here}. The … Continue reading Bored with this Boardwalk town


This month I will be tackling quite the itinerary in a short amount of time…

One of these itineraries includes a trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey for work. I’ve yet to actually step foot onto the state of New Jersey, so I am excited to be adding another state to the list! I do not know much about this boardwalk town, other than the likes of casinos, drama TV from Jersey Shore and that it’s the East coast version of Las Vegas (kind of). I know nothing about its history or why people came here in the first place… at least not until I did some research.

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Why I Turned Around

My latest adventure took me to Seattle, Washington. Yet, another state I’ve gotten to check off the list!

I recently got in touch with a friend who lives just outside the city (Freemont), Aaleen (pronounced: Al-eeen). We used to work together many moons ago when we were in college, she completed grad school in Seattle and stayed after nailing a pretty great job. And though we haven’t talked too much, we still keep in touch via Facebook and Instagram {where I swoon over all her amazing photos, which you’ll get to see below}.

When I told her I was going to be in town and that I wanted to go hiking, she was ecstatic! She listed out a few places she hadn’t been but wanted to go. I left the hiking destination to her choosing:  Blanca Lake.


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