The Poor Little Rich Girl is about travel, wanderlust and how to get there–

A Travel Itinerary.

You will learn the processes involved in booking and planning a trip or maybe your next trip. Each post is listed as an “Itinerary” (see Recent Itineraries). This blog also covers vast amounts of information on cities, travel perks, and gear. Often planning takes me several months before heading out, you’ll get to see the “behind the scenes” portion and any bumps along the road. In addition, I’ll recap the trip and let you know how planning worked or changed throughout the trip after it happened.

I’ll focus on budgeting, mapping, taking advantage of any travel perks (including flight sales, credit card benefits and hotel/accommodation ¬†promotions), what to do and where to go when traveling and and tips I’ve learned along the way.

To learn more about me and why I started this blog hop over to my Introduction post.

Thanks for stopping by! If you enjoy anything you read, feel free to comment or share any posts. Should you need any advice on your next trip-dont hesitate to ask.

Safe Travels.

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