Mile High Marijuana

Everyone knows that Cannabis is legal in several states in the United States with Colorado being at the top of the list for recreational usage and easy accessibility. It’s no longer taboo to discuss marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes as it was say, 10 years ago.

In this itinerary I’m going to discuss a few things about Mary-Jane in Colorado. If you are planning to go, have been or even have it on your radar for any reason then stay tuned!

Marijuana was not the main reason for us visiting Colorado, but it became more interesting as I started to dive further into what made it a huge attraction to the Mile High state. In my findings on blogs, pinterest, casual conversations and “top” lists, Cannabis was at the peak of each for visiting Colorado. I’m no stranger to the green herbaceous flower of delight, but as I have gotten older things have drastically changed!

Purchasing and having the “drug” on hand have become easier and less threatening but laws have continued to make the consumption a challenge in public. If you want to travel to Colorado for your cannabis needs, be sure to read up on what is and isn’t allowed. You can read that information: here

Where to Purchase:

Now that you’ve gotten your legal jargon out of the way, lets get to the good stuff, Dispensaries!

You need to know that there are Recreational dispensaries and Medical dispensaries. If you do not have a medical marijuana card, you will go to a Recreational dispensary. I will focus on these primarily as those with medical cards will have their own sources to find dispensaries.

All dispensaries will have a green medical cross on their sign or building to indicate that sell marijuana. Don’t let it confuse you if you’re from or have visited European countries where this exact symbol signifies a clinic/ pharmacy. This is a different kind of pharmacy (*wink).


DENVER: L’eagle, Simply Pure, Colorado Harvest Company, The Colorado Clinic, Verde Natural, Medicine Man, Native Roots, etc.

Outside Denver: The Green Solution (Silver Plume, CO), Smoking Gun Apothecary (Glendale, CO),

BOULDER: The Farm, Terrapin, Fresh Baked Dispensary, Boulder Wellness Center, Drift, Elements Boulder, Green Dreams, etc.

Outside Boulder: Rocky Mountain Organics (Black Hawk, CO)

TELLURIDE: Delilah, Telluride Green Room, Telluride Bud Company, etc.

COLORADO SPRINGS: Predominantly Medical inside city limits–search outside CO Springs (remember that CO Springs is a military town)

Outside CO Springs: Maggies Farm (Manitou Springs, CO), The Spot (Pueblo, CO),

BREKENRIDGE: Aspen Glow Botanicals, Breckenridge Organic Therapy, Green Dragon, Organix, etc.

ASPEN: Best Day Ever, Roots Rx, Silver Peak, The Green Joint, etc.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS: Rocky Mountain Remedies, Billo, Golden Leaf

Here is a full list of the entire state of Colorado Dispensaries


Depending on what you are looking for or what kind of high you are looking for, each dispensary is filled with an extremely knowledgable staff and from my experiences very friendly too! They want to make sure you get everything you need and enjoy yourself safely.

First and Foremost, if you aren’t familiar you have two choices: Indica or Sativa (this will decipher your high), then you have your strains of those (Remember the Movie: Pineapple Express? This was a Sativa dominate hybrid.)

INDICA: effects of Deep Body Relaxation

SATIVA: provides an Energizing experience

HYBRIDS: depending on the Hybrid, can offer a range of effects

There’s everything from edibles to flower and everything between. If you want to smoke or eat it, just ask!

Here are a few things I would recommend: flower (you can rent or purchase tools in store), disposable or refillable vape pens, edibles (gummies, cookies, chocolates,etc), oils (to cook with).

Remember that you can only purchase up to 28 grams of marijuana in any form at one time.


You’re feeling good and want to do something? There are a few places around colorado that offer “elevated” experiences. This will require some research on your end, but what I have found are the following options (primarily in Denver): Cooking (with cannabis) classes, yoga, painting, bongs and booze (bar hopping), beer tastings, private dinners, the Cannabis Church, Dispensary tours, etc.

Church of Cannabis

Other fun activities could include, parks, hiking, art museums, dining out. Please keep in mind the laws while high in public.


It is frowned upon to travel with Cannabis outside of Colorado state lines. Listed in the previously linked information about Colorado Cannabis laws, you could incur up to a $1000 fine to traveling with any form of marijuana.

I hope this provides you with enough information about marijuana in Colorado. Please reach out if you need recommendations or have questions.

Safe Travels

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