At this point in the Pandemic, people are still scared:  Scared to leave there homes, scared to pick up groceries, scared to even visit loved ones. Most people are giving up travel out of fear.

I couldn’t wait to get back to travel and here’s why you should too.

FDR once said, “the only thing we should fear is fear itself.” He wasn’t wrong. As we listen to all the noise around us telling us what is right and wrong about how to go about this new global pandemic, we forget to listen to ourselves. The panic of the pandemic is much louder than the actuality of it.
The simple truth of it all is to be mindful of yourself and your surroundings. Wash your hands (often), wear a mask in public spaces, maintain a safe distance from others when possible.


These same rules apply for travel—when and where possible. Airlines have finally gotten the message about airplane hygiene. Cleaning crews of 3 are now 10, welcome on board is now greeted with an alcohol wipe. Most plans are sanitized with UV lights. Snacks are now provided in bags with all items contained including another alcohol wipe. Boarding from back to front (except for first class—which still makes no sense to me).
The way in which we travel will change forever from here on out, but the consciousness in which we travel is what matters most.

Things to worry about (when traveling):

-your personal space

-other’s personal space

-standing in lines

-packing the elevator full

-having a mask on or on hand at any given time

-washing your hands (often)

-touching your face or your child/significant other’s face

-dining options

-cancellation policies

Things to not worry about (while traveling):

-if your plane seat is clean (remember: arm rest and tray tables are still high touch areas)

-other’s decision to wear a mask


-your hotel accommodations

-rental car

-spa treatments

-time it takes for others to ensure your health and safety is priority

Many things that you do during your travel will have already been thought about; remember that employees of any company you use for anything have specific protocols, be patient and most importantly kind as they’re just doing their job.
Read anything and everything you can about your airline, hotel, car or other rental equipment and their COVID policies before you book anything!

If you’re worried about how long it will take to get through security, sit down for dinner or whatever you do then give yourself extra time to do those things as it may take a little longer than it used to.

During our travels we noticed a few things that were different than before. The obvious, needing to wear a mask at the airport and on the plane and even in public spaces as some states have mandatory masks in place or even specified shops will require you to wear one. To make your life and everyone else’s life easier WEAR THE MASK!

Most hotels will not have the cleaning crew coming to clean your room daily, they will only come when you check out. Room service may be limited.

Transportation options may be limited or not in service. Rental vehicles are sanitized between customers. Busses and trains may have roped off seating to allow for social distancing. Be mindful that the airport trams and elevators are people movers and do not allow for any social distancing. Opt for an empty elevator or move to another tram car if you feel uncomfortable.

Some states have much lower numbers than others, their local population may not be wearing masks. This does not mean you don’t have to wear one  if you are traveling from a larger populated city do them a favor by wearing a mask to keep their numbers down—especially if your city/state is a hot spot. Yes you’ll look funny, yes people may look at you, but your doing them a favor!


As you plan to get back out there do your research! If your planning to visit a state that has Native American tribes, be mindful that some tribes have shut down travel within their native lands. Some places have not reopened or are phasing re-opening (like Disney World).

Most importantly:  be responsible, re-create responsibily, Pick up after yourself and be polite to others. Kindness goes a long way.

Safe Travels!

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