Seeking Sedona

Often time’s you will think to yourself, “I need a break.” It’s at these times you really need to take that break or plan one.

Many people flock to Sedona Arizona for this needed reprieve from everyday life. They seek healing or realignment with themselves or their life balances. There is truly a magnetism about this place. Whether you believe in the “Vortexes” or “spiritual healing,” “Crystals” or what ever; you will find something here in the Red Rocks.

We first visited Sedona in 2015 — A much different experience than the one we are about to discuss; but something special lies in Sedona, enough to pull me back in.

If you are seeking something (anything), you will find it here. Come see why Sedona should be at the top of your travel list.

It’s said that Sedona is a vortex itself. It’s said that there are specific places around the area where vortexes are more powerful. It is also believed that many people travel for these “healing” powers. Though Sedona is not the only place to find them, it is among the most popular of places (and you can see why by the photos below).

Other places include: Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, The Great Pyramid of Giza, Haleakala (Hawaii), etc.

Aside from this “healing spirit,” Sedona is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve been too. Maybe it’s the rocks, maybe is the lack of light pollution or maybe there is actually healing powers here. Who knows!

Where to Stay:

On our first visit, we opted for the resort style vacation for our anniversary. We stayed at the luxurious Enchantment Resort and enjoyed the private Mii Amo spa (only available for guest use). This visit was very rejuvenating.

Sky Rock Inn

This recent visit was meant to capture the same rejuvenation. Due to Availability we opted for another accommodation at the Sky Rock Inn. Located in town, the Sky Rock was a great choice and gave us plenty of opportunity to explore shops and dining.

What to do:

The primary focus for us was hiking– since I enjoy getting our into nature and taking in it’s beauty, this was an obvious no brainer choice. Sedona has thousands of trails all over town. You’ll find trails tucked off the side of the highway or even nestled in neighborhoods. With the rocky terrain, this makes for great mountain biking trails, ATV and 4X4 off road vehicles (which can be rented all over town).

There are all kinds of guides for any activity you can imagine. Yoga Retreats and Vortex tours are at large here. There are also helicopter and Hot air Ballooning options for those looking to see Sedona from above.

PLRG-Bell Rock-Sedona, AZ

If hiking is your thing, like us you will want to consider these top trails and sites:

Bell Rock- A beginners option for scrambling and rock climbing. You will be able to easily club to the first few tiers of the rock and enjoy the views or you can keep going up for more panoramic views. This excursion can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. Based on my finding, there is a very strong vortex at this site.

I may or may not have experienced something-I cannot confirm it or know if I believe in it, but something felt strange at a certain point during this hike.

PLRG-Cathedral Rock-Sedona, AZ

Cathedral Rock-A scrambler’s paradise, this trail will have your adrenaline pumping as your exert yourself up to the top for the view. Sunset is a perfect time for this site, but be sure to bring a headlamp and some shoes with grip! You may also find groups of “healers” at the first vista view dancing or practicing yoga. There is also a vortex at this site. You’ll notice the twisted Junipers along the trail, it’s said that this is an indication of vortex energy.

Nothing was experienced here for us.

PLRG-Boynton Canyon-Sedona, AZ

Boynton Canyon-The trail is quite long and not as exciting as the above listed, but if you veer off to the Vista Trail it will be much shorter and you’ll get to take in the views seen on social media. Should you wander the 2.8 miles out to the canyon, you will witness the change of scenery from desert to forest-the trees will grow from shrubs to pines and become much thicker and dense the further in you travel. If you are just looking for view points– be sure to veer at the fork!

Again, there is a vortex at this location– apparently it’s on the Vista side. If you are looking for it-veer at the fork!

Devil's Bridge-Sedona,

Devil’s Bridge– The social Media view point! Where I thought this would be a neat site to visit and pondered if it was and actual part of the trail, I was wrong on so many levels. The hike itself was fun and challenging but the end point was less than exciting. When you finally reach the top to walk on top of the bridge, you will find a line of people waiting patiently for their turn for the photo op.

Yes, I waited in line and yes I felt ridiculous about doing so. Many have said to come here for sunrise to watch the valley below glow, but I still wonder if the line will be just as long.

If you want to enjoy a little more nature and a little less crowd-take the Chuckwagon Trail. Take it before you head to Devil’s Bridge (trail head starts at the back end of the parking lot at Dry Creek) for a more strenuous hike OR take it after coming down from the bridge as an additional hike (cross over Dry Creek)-veer to the left at the fork if you want to head back to the Dry Creek parking lot.

Looking for relaxation? Get a Massage!


There are plenty of spa’s around town and many hotels offer spas as well. Per the recommendation of Sky Rock Inn we booked a couple’s massage at New Day Spa. A small quaint spa right off 89, you wouldn’t even know it was there.

Tucked in a small little building this spa has a Jacuzzi and several treatment rooms. They offer Massage, facials, and nail treatments. Don’t be fooled by it’s unassuming exterior-We really enjoyed this place even after going to Mii Amo (during our first trip)! Ask your hotel concierge for discounts–we saved 10%. After your massage relax by the jacuzzi and read (books available in the waiting room) or enjoy a complimentary mimosa and cheese plate.

Where to Eat:


Dahl and Di Luca– You will need to make a reservation for this place! It is one of the best Italian restaurants in town. Don’t worry about getting too fancy here-unless you want to. They will take you as you are and it is totally worth the wait if you didn’t remember to reserve a table!!


Brad and I gorged ourselves here and ordered too much food but it was all good. I highly suggest the burrata appetizer, the Tortellini de Nonna and the Egglpant (Melanzane) Parmesan.
This restaurant has been around for 23 years and is owned and operated by a Female Chef (Chef Lisa) who also owns Pisa Lisa next door. Take a look at the Fresco painting if you have to wait or use the restroom-it’s quite impressive!


Mariposa- Also Owned by Chef Lisa-this is a Latin tapas restaurant that is just as excellent as Dahl and Di Luca. We thought about eating here twice! The interior its absolutely gorgeous! There’s a butterfly theme throughout with purple as the main color. The entry door is stunning and the amethyst art work behind the hostest desk.

We ordered a bunch of tapas items and some specialty cocktails which they are well known for. Get something exciting-don't order a margarita. Try the Tres Leches, it's not like any other I've had before.


Elote- We heard about this restaurant from a couple we met at Dahl and Di Luca. Thankfully they gave us the inside to this place because it’s another popular place to eat! It opens at 5 pm and you will need to get there early because you will have to wait (Elote will be moving on February 22, 2020 to a new and larger location, so this may change). While you are waiting you can grab one of their famous margaritas and popcorn. We arrived at 7:30 and sat down to eat around 8:30.

You must eat: the Elote, and the Smoked Pork Cheek.


Secret Garden- Hidden inside the Tlaquepaque Village, you’ll be happy I recommended this place. Its quaint and offers a nice variety for anyone. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner options are available as well coffee and a bar!


The Hudson– Great bites with a view. This was a recommendation from a friend. She suggested the bruschetta, which was plentiful since they have a nice variety of options and even a tasting option: 3 for $15.

Brad ordered the Kale and Spinach salad for us to share and it did not disappoint!

Other important things to remember while in Sedona:

-Watch a Sunrise/Sunset

-Look for Constellations

-Read something interesting

-Listen to your surroundings

-Challenge your body

If you get the chance to make it out to Sedona, let me know how your visit went or if you had an experience with any vortex spots.

Safe Travels!


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