Airport Parking

I had friend reach out to me the other day asking about parking.

Usually this kind of stuff does not occur to me as I typically fly out of my local airport which is one of the major ones here in the US.

There is, however, a need for knowing where to park that won’t cost you an arm and both legs like it does for parking at the airport terminal.

Depending on the amount of days you plan to be gone, the parking fees can add up pretty quickly. Parking in the garage at the airport can range from hourly to daily cost and often up to $20 per day.

If you are only gone for a day or two and don’t mind the added expense, then by all means take the easy route!

Cheap Airport Parking

On the other hand, if you are planning to be gone for several days, then you are probably looking to save some money. Locals can opt for such things like taking a taxi, uber or lyft ride and forego the parking option completely.  Those who are coming in from smaller towns or having to drive from nearby cities whose local airport is non-international run into some hiccups.

Some good alternatives can include parking at a friend or family members house (depending on the longevity), dropping off your car to be “serviced” at the dealership, or just parking in a nearby parking lot/ hotel (though you could run into a towing problem if left too long).

Never the less, you are in need of cheap parking options. Here is how to save some dollars:

Airport Parking Reservations

This site can help you save quite a bundle. Rates are often as low as a few dollars per day to park onsite. Many of the options are on hotel properties close to the airport. The perks can include covered parking, garage parking and very often, FREE airport shuttle rides!

How to get FREE Shuttle rides

Booking a parking reservation via Airport Parking can save you the hassle of browsing through the “airport parking” options for the best rates. You can simply plug in your airport and it will give you a list of places that offer parking along with the locations, pricing and offerings from the place. There’s a convenient map showing you proximal distance to the airport along with reviews of each spot.

Save On Airport Parking

Since many of these parking options are hotels, they also offer package deals for stays at the hotel.

AND if you are really savvy, you may be able to accrue some points via hotel rewards, credit card rewards, etc. My best advice is to call the location first to see if they offer reward points via hotel or credit cards to help you save for future travels!

Earn extra Hotel Rewards

Airport Parking Reservations offers parking at 114 domestic (U.S) airports, 10 Canadian airports and 10 Cruise ports.

Safe Travels!

*not a sponsored post. some links may include affiliate links where I make a small percentage commission to help cover costs of this site. 


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