The Non-Gambler’s Guide to Vegas!

If you are part of the 14% of americans who do not gamble and still want to visit Las Vegas, then keep reading!

Here are 6 Vegas attractions for non-gamblers

Granted, I am a gambler and find it difficult to leave Las Vegas without dropping a few dollars on either the Roulette or Craps tables. I almost managed an entire trip without doing so this time around.

So what did I do with my time (not gambling)?

{First, you may want to consider renting a car. Sure the hotel parking fees may add up, but I can promise it is money well spent and certainly not a gamble!}

7 magic mountains

Seven Magic Mountains

Just a short 30-minute drive outside of the city and along the side the freeway are 7 brightly colored towers. Each tower has between 3-6 stacked neon colored rocks. You cannot miss them as you drive down I-15. Getting to them requires you to exit onto the access road. There is a pull out for parking and a short 1 minute walk. This is a free activity and fun for all ages. I highly suggest visiting early in the morning. You may even enjoy watching the sunrise and seeing the rocks transform colors.

scroll to end the of the page to see more photos from 7 magic mountains

ethel chocolates

Cactus Garden

Did you know there is a 3-acre cactus garden in Las Vegas? Yep! Just South of McCarran Airport is a little place called Ethel M. Chocolates. The factory is owned by Mars chocolates. It’s open to the public during normal business hours. Inside you can view into the factory making and boxing chocolates. Walk around this little place and then enjoy a few treats in the shop before taking a stroll through the large 300 varietals of cacti! The Garden and Chocolate factory are free to visit, but don’t be surprised to spend a few dollars on some of those yummy boxed chocolates!

more photos at the end of this page!


The Neon Museum

Ever wonder what happened to the old Las Vegas? The once glittering signs that showcased the classic casinos have been adopted and given new life here at the Neon Museum. Some of the signs still shimmer and sparkle while others lay dormant and damaged. You will need to reserve a spot to visit the museum before your trip! Tickets can be found here.

I highly recommend going in the evening, before dusk so you can experience the neons still in good working condition. Bring a camera with you and don’t be afraid to look a little closer (just don’t cross the path). Though the signs are no longer in their glory stages, there is still much life left in them!

close ups and additional photos from the Neon Museum here

bellagio fountains

Bellagio Fountains

You’ve probably seen them in Ocean’s 11, or other featured films. The fountains display every 15 minutes to a different song. Some songs will be current and some will be classical. Each water dance is synchronized to the songs. This is a free attraction and will leave you wondering how it all works! I highly suggest watching the fountains at night.

moss lady.bellagio

Bellagio Garden

After you finish watching the fountains outside, walk into the hotel (located on the South end of the hotel) just past guest check in. You will likely be enamored by the amazing Chihuly glass strewn across the ceiling but come back to it after you’ve seen the garden. Each season the garden changes themes and will be filled with new flowers that fill the air of fresh cut florals. This season is  ode to the Samurai and the garden is filled with flowing ponds, tulips and Japanese lanterns and a small tea house. Enter through the bridge and find a moss covered female figure holding a giant pearl. Her hair turns from a floral arrangement into a full on waterfall. the sights, sounds and smells of the Bellagio Garden are breath taking. This is a free activity.

Flamingo Pool

Lay Pool side

Staying at a hotel along the strip? Check out their pool. Most pools are decked out with great loungers and even cabanas. If you’re lucky and you’re visiting during low season, you may be able to snag one of the fancy loungers or cabanas free of charge. Weather is generally sunny and warm here in Vegas, so bring your bikini or swimsuit to take in some rays next to some of the greatest pools in the country.

Best pools to check out: MGM, Ceasar’s Palace, Bellagio, SLS Las Vegas, The Mirage (also check out Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat)


Other things to consider:  (price: $-$$$$)

See a show! book tickets to a cirque du soleil show! I missed out on seeing one this trip around, but Zumanity at New York New York is great and Love-The Beatles at The Mirage is amazing. I would love to check out “O” at the Bellagio next time! $$$

Take a tour up the Paris Hotel’s Eiffel Tower-great views of the strip and doesn’t take up too much of your time. But if you’d like to “elevate” your experience check out the High Roller– the worlds largest observation wheel, complete with a bar in each pod. $

Ride the rollercoasters at select hotels-there are several around the strip to ride and most are on top of the hotels, such as the New York New York and the Stratosphere. $$

Stroll through the shops at The Cosmopolitan– take a walk through the shops at this swanky place, then slide through The Chandelier for some great cocktails. There is tons of art around to look at too! Free (cocktails extra!)

Dine at a breakfast buffet-Las Vegas is known for some of the best buffets around the world, one of my favorite is The Wicked Spoon inside the Cosmopolitan. Or check out ones offered at the Mirage, Ceasar’s Palace and the Venetian. $$

Zip line through downtown-Get your tickets online, they are much cheaper and will save you time in the long run. You will want to go on the high line! Downtown LV can be a bit crazy, but its worth seeing and its free to look. Also check out the shipping crate park (multiple food and shop vendors). $+

Visit and play at the Pinball Hall of Fame-Really wish I would have made it to this one! Pinball machines are restored and ready for play here at the museum. ITs basically a collectors club. Enjoy! $

Want to see more on Las Vegas, including extra photos from this itinerary? click here

Until next time,

Safe Travels!


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