Traveling Pet Parents

As a pet parent, its important to see that your babies are well cared for while you are away. It’s one thing that I tend to worry about more than anything:  Who will take care of my dogs?

How do you prepare yourself and your animals for a long trip?This is how I am tackling this issue:

We have never kenneled our pups and find this option difficult. Many people love this option, but it’s just not for us.

Find a Trusted/ Insured Care Taker

Typically we ask a friend of family member to stay overnight with them, but unfortunately both options have become unavailable. Luckily my mom can still make short visits during the day which is helpful. We recently reached out to a close friend who has had a pet sitter for several years and recommended her to us.

Since our options became more and more limited we decided to give her a try.

Trial and Error

We spoke with the sitters for about an hour or two and introduced them to the dogos. We gave them a trial run for 2 weeks and liked their services as they would send us photos of our babies along with updates (abnormal behavior, or excessive itching, etc).


Now that we have found someone to take on the duty of making sure our pups are fed and get adequate potty time; I still have those slight bits of hesitation to leave them for longer than a few days.

Of course, no one will love your dog (or other animal) as much as you and having someone else care for them can be strange for them too.

Regular or frequent visits from the pet sitter

Since finding a friend recommended/ trusted dog sitter, Brad and I have put into place a weekly visit regimen to get the dogs used to their new friend. They have been coming to visit the pups for 8 weeks now and I am starting to ease my mind about traveling for an extending time.

Give them some space with a Long Distance Relationship

Luckily for us {well, kind of}, Brad and I work long hours and our puppers are used to long days without us. If you are able to swing a few longer days to get your animal(s) used to some distance a few weeks in advance of your plans, this might be a helpful tactic along with the frequent visits.

Plan accordingly

Now that I feel a bit more comfortable with the sitter and so do the pups, it’s about time to wrap my mind around a schedule during our travels. Things to think about when planning:

  • When should the sitter come?
  • How long should they visit?
  • Will they being staying overnight at your place or will your animal go to theirs?
  • What is your budget for a sitter?
  • Can the sitter work you in their schedule?

First, you need to consider the last question. Can your sitter work your dates you are away? Hopefully the answer is yes, if not you may not have planned far enough in advance!

Write out a schedule that you think will work best for your animal and give it to your sitter so they are aware of your expectations. Let them know how long each visit should be and provide them with the total amount (based on their services) you’ve calculated for the entirety of their scheduled visits.

View Mock schedule: JP.Schedule


I’m picky about my dogs as they are my babies, so I want to ensure that they are taken care of properly. I make lists, notes and follow up a few days before leaving and again the day I leave. Covering all the bases for those “just incase” moments.

Puppy Cam

I have a puppy cam. Yes, I do. Since Brad and I are working more than 8 hours a day we have 2 pup cams to check in on them. In all seriousness, the dogs sleep all day but every once in a while we catch the cute rolling around on the carpet or toy play. {Its adorable} As long as you have Wi-Fi where ever you are, you can always check in on them. Just let your sitter know about the cams 😉

After all is said and done, I hope to have a more calm perspective about my departure for two weeks. I suppose the best way to look at it… I am only a flight away. 12 hours or not, I am only a flight away from coming home at any point! Am I right? 



Do you take crazy amounts of time to make sure your animals get looked after or do you kennel them? Tell me about your experiences, tips, tricks, etc. about leaving your pets behind for long travels in the comments below. I would love to hear what you do!


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