This month I will be tackling quite the itinerary in a short amount of time…

One of these itineraries includes a trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey for work. I’ve yet to actually step foot onto the state of New Jersey, so I am excited to be adding another state to the list! I do not know much about this boardwalk town, other than the likes of casinos, drama TV from Jersey Shore and that it’s the East coast version of Las Vegas (kind of). I know nothing about its history or why people came here in the first place… at least not until I did some research.

As I scrolled through my favorite app, Pinterest I’d come across an interesting article:  Touring the Abandoned Atlantic City.

Luke Spenser writes about how this city was once founded and built up for the likes of a wealthy crowd; complete with fine dining, luxury accommodations, casinos etc. in the early 1900’s.  He states that it no longer exudes the presence it once did and goes on to discuss a more fascinating piece of history, Monopoly.


Yes, the Hasbro board game that you grew up playing {or in my case, still play}!

The game was created here in Atlantic City; though not originally called Monopoly. Names from the board’s properties were taken from streets of Atlantic City:

Boardwalk– the most prized property on the Monopoly board, named after Jersey Shores’ famous boardwalk.

Park Place– second most prized property on the board and undoubtably the most sought after pieces to put homes and hotels on, if both owned!

Indiana Ave.- a prized “Red” on the board

Oriental Ave.- least desirable property on the board

Pennsylvania Ave.- highly prized “Green” property

Just to name a few.

Many of these streets were once filled with grand hotels or casinos, some were the most historic and others were destined for failure. Many of these places no longer exist or their names have been changed. Through the years; like the game, properties were traded or purchased and then had casinos or hotels erected on their plots.

Monopoly has been one of my favorite boardgames since I was a young girl. I have the fondest memories of playing this game. Many Christmas Eve nights filled with joy, happiness, rage and frustration over a silly board. I can remember my brothers arguing of who cheated and even one Christmas that I had been so lucky to have won the game.

 I am curious to know what’s become of the once “grand” Atlantic City!

What comes now is the planning process:

My trip will be 3-4 long. In order to maximize my time here, I want to fly out early and leave mid to late afternoon. In addition, I will be traveling with perishable items for a competition. Finding flight accommodations with a generous carry on policy is imperative.

Flying from Houston -> Atlantic City: $$$

A Delta Air Lines plane taxis toward a gate between other De

Pricing for flights is pretty pricey for October, most flights range from: $298-650. Flying into near by airport of Philadelphia drops the price range down: $198-500. Many of the “cheaper” flights fly with Spirit Airlines/ Frontier and also have wild departure and arrival schedules.

I’ve decided to fly to Philadelphia at a lower rate and drive a short 45 minutes into Atlantic City for $306 on Delta. I cut my cost down $150 by using 15,000 points through my American Express. (total flight before savings- $450 includes tax & fees).

Car rental was a tad problematic. Instead of booking directly through Enterprise I made a booking with Expedia’s “Name your Price.” After entering a lower rate, I was able to find a moderate pricing on a mid-size SUV at $50/day. I’d entered the pickup. drop off for the Philadelphia Airport and turns out my pick up is 10 miles from the airport. {after calling Expedia about the issue with no resolution I’ve kept the reservation and will Uber to the pick up location using my $15 monthly credit}.

Reservations for hotel were made at the Borgata in Atlantic City. Its further from the tourist Boardwalk area but quite the resort! I saved over $100/night by booking through American Express Travel for a rate of $99/night + taxes & resort fee (includes access to gym and pool with complimentary towel).

{I know I gush about my American Express on many of my planning posts, but its hard not to when I save a bundle using it. I also get additional points when I book through their site plus it makes using my points simple!}

Sight Seeing:

Along my way down to Atlantic City, I think I’ll swing by the Liberty Bell and peep at the Declaration of Independence. Oh and trying a “Philly Taco!” Its a new trend in the pizza world and well… worth giving it a try!

A main focus is to see Atlantic City, walk down the “famous” Boardwalk and play inside some of the surrounding casinos. I will swing by Park Place and view the Claridge Hotel (one of the oldest in AC). I would also like to stroll down some of the avenues Monopoly is named after and hope to find the large Monopoly board.

I wonder if I will find Uncle Penny Bags!

Safe Travels



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