Adventures in Seattle

On a mini trip such as this, there isn’t much time to rest. My 3rd day here in Seattle and I am still tired! Exhausted, really. I’m here and I had plans to make it back to the market to see it in full force.

My Adventures begin at 7:30 AM…

After a shower, I pre-pack my suitcase because knowing myself I will be running around until the last minute before I need to jet back to Sea-Tac (Seattle-Tacoma Airport)!

Last night, I plotted out the “Must-Sees.”

  1. Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum
  2. Space Needle
  3. Pike Place Market

Other places of interest included:

Museum of Pop Culture

finding a vintage store in Capitol Hill

Gas Works Park

wandering small shops in Freemont

First was the Chihuly Museum which opens at 8:30 AM. I’d arrived a few minutes early to get tickets and hopefully be one of the first in the door. I was the second person there waiting. Tickets cost $30 for both Chihuly and neighboring sight, The Space Needle.

I fully expected to be amazed by Chihuly’s work, after seeing many of his works across the world and one of my favorite installations inside The BellagioLas Vegas. I did not expect to be floored!

Glass ForestEntering the museum, the first room, “Glass Forest Room” is pitch black. Sitting brightly on a small black glossy platform are many glass blobs with glowing neon spires growing tall from them. They’re glowing of a soft dusty pink and electric blue. It took my breath away!

Beyond this room are hundreds of bowl and basket shapped pieces in the “Northwest Room.” Inspired by native americans, Chihuly created some intricate designs within his glass work. He took most of his inspiration from weaved baskets and vibrantly patterned blankets.  Though this technique was difficult and took him many years of practice to create some of the pieces, the wall of blankets captured my attention.

baskets and bowls close up
woven baskets and  glass bowls
wall of hand woven Native American blankets

Walking into the next room, it’s very clear that this is the “Sea Life Room.” Standing in the  middle of the room like a proud trophy is a blue glass installation. Mixed of varying colors of blue glass and clear glass; these swirling pieces reach out in all directions like an ocean wave and tucked delicately at the bottom of the towering piece are golden glass conch shells, starfish and jellyfish styled orbs. Photos do not do justice to this piece.  Around the room are smaller pieces, of glass octopus’ and turtles.

sea life

Glowing vibrantly in the next room is the “Persian Ceiling.” There is no way to honestly describe how intricate the thousands of pieces in this room are. The pieces are laid ontop of a glass ceiling that is illuminated by natural light from above, creating a stained glass glowing effect. I was so taken aback by this room that I had to walk into the next room, because I wanted to know if it was going to get any better.

Persian glass

{To my delight, the next room called “Mille Fiori”- meaning Thousands of Flowers (Italian) was more exuberant than “Persian Ceiling.” I couldn’t handle this experience alone; so I FaceTimed my mother, who is quite possibly the only other person that would be as overwhelmed by such artistic beauty! She gasped at the sight of Mille Fiori and nearly fainted when I walked back into the Persian Ceiling Room. I stayed between these rooms for about 30 minutes, 8 of which I was on the phone with my mom!}

mille forest back

spheres-mille fioriMille Fiori is one of the largest rooms and expands nearly the entire length of the room. Placed on another black glassy platform in the middle of the room, you are emerged into a glass garden of vibrant colors.  Giant ruby red twisted spires and blades of green glass, yellow Persian glass splayed out like flowers cover the platform. The colored glass changes as you walk along the length of the platform. There are golden orange spires, colbolt and dark lilac spires, blades of aloe shaped glass, multi color spheres along with black and green striped glass along with a classic Chihuly towering piece. There is a natural and organic feel to each piece, as if you were running through a garden.

float boat glass balls

Just when I thought it seriously couldn’t get any better than the last two rooms, “Ikebana and Float Boats Room” stole my heart. This was my favorite installation. About 100 or so multi colored glass spheres of varying sizes are piled into 1 of the 2 wooden boats in this room. Again, set onto of a black glossy platform, the boats are filled with glass pieces. The second boat carrying different shaped colored glass. Inspiration for this piece came from collection of sea glass on the shores when Chihuly was in Finland.

chandelier room

white chandelierWhat comes next is a room filled with pieces, that Chihuly is widely known for across the globe. The “Chandelier Room.” There are about 6-7 chandeliers hanging in this room and one singular center piece that mimics the hanging beauties.

macchia forest close up

Around the corner is the “Macchia Forest Room.” In this smaller gallery room, are about 20 flower shaped bowls sitting on top of tall tables. They are cloudy colored pieces with a speckling spottiness to them {Hints the name Macchia-meaning spotted in Italian}. These are layered pieces with white glass in the middle to bring out the vibrance in the colors on both the top and the bottom sides. Each piece is unique and equally beautiful.


There is an exit door in this room that will take you out to the “Glasshouse.” This is an indoor/outdoor room made of glass. It is constructed like that of a greenhouse, filled with   a warm palate of colored glass hanging from the ceiling. Floral looking pieces of reds, oranges, and yellow. The installation is 100 ft. long by 25 ft wide. From inside the Glasshouse you can see the Space Needle.


Walking outside of the glasshouse is the garden. Like any other garden, there are neatly pruned flowers and manicured bushed and trees. The landscaping is also filled with coordinating glass pieces. Reds, Purples, Greens, Yellows, and Orange glass throughout. There is also a small hallway with additional chandeliers to view before exiting into the giftshop.

I’d finished the museum in good time and walked over to the Space Needle. A rather touristy spot, I figured “Why Not?” It was typical as any other tourist building; a long line,  a wait to ride the elevator and shuffling people in and out and dumping them into the giftshop. I wouldn’t take this side adventure again, you can see similar views on the plane ride into Seattle. To me, it wasn’t really worth going to it. I spent a total of 30 minutes here, most of that time was waiting in line for either the elevator or getting my ticket scanned to ride the elevator.

Mt. Rainer view
View of Mt. Rainer and Downtown Seattle from the Space Needle

Last stop before going home was Pike Place Market. I anticipated to get a bundle of flowers, but after purchasing a few items from the previous day and finding an amazing glass bowl in the Space Needle gift shop, there wasn’t much space for much else!

Pike Place Market street

Taking an Uber to the market, I arrived ready to take tons of photos of flowers and people shopping. I even prayed that I would see some fish being flung at the Fish Market, since I found out that they only throw it when there is an order.

The market was plentiful and vendors were still setting up shop. I’d arrived around 10 AM. To me it seemed like the perfect time on a Tuesday morning. Hunger was starting to kicking in, but again I didn’t know what to eat!

I walked down the entirety of the market and looked at all the flower bundles being offered. There are also various fruit and vegetable vendors, jewelery, art, etc. and of course FISH!

I got ever so lucky enough to see fish flying across the “Seattle Fish Market,” something I’d only even known about because of MTV’s Real World Seattle! {man, I’m old!}

Lunch was at Lowell’s Restaurant.

salmon benedictI’d overheard a couple discussing that this was the restaurant that they filmed the first lunch scene from Sleepless in Seattle. I do not recall this being the place, but maybe I need to watch the movie again. {Oh how I love Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan} Anyway, I had the Salmon Benedict and a latte. It was so delicious! (photo!)

Flower Market

Lilly bouquetAfter walking past the flowers again and talking myself out of buying a radiant bundle, I walked my way back toward the Hyatt. Along the way I stopped at a hat shop that I had been eyeing over the past day to look for a cute felt hat. Goorin Bros. located on 1st Ave. is strictly hats! They did not have what I was looking for, but what a cute store!!

Back at the Hyatt, I packed up the morning’s worth of souvenirs in my new Pike Place tote purchased at the market and made my way to Sea-Tac to head home.

Honestly, 3 days is not enough time to see much in Seattle. There are so many things to do and see, including a whale watching trip that I am dying to do. In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger,

I’ll be Back!

Until next time, Safe Travels!


5 thoughts on “Adventures in Seattle

  1. Looks like you visited at the perfect time!!! I’ve been to Seattle a million times and most recently just checked out the Chihuly museum. When I went tho, the outdoor garden was not in bloom and beautiful like in your pictures. This definitely makes me wanna revisit and I agree, three days is defs not enough!

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