A year and a half ago I had been captivated by an artist that was showing at my local museum here in Houston. After doing some research on her and visiting the exhibition with a few good friends of mine, I’d become obsessed with seeing more of her work.

Later that year I’d signed up for a class in San Francisco and decided to take 2 extra days before class started to drop by in Los Angeles, specifically to visit the museums in LA {that’s a whole other adventure for another time}, seeking out this artist’s work.

Infinity Room- The Souls of a Million Light Years Away

She currently has a traveling exhibit through the U.S. When I saw that she’d have multiple installations in one place, I needed to see them! The first exhibition was in Washington D.C. and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to see it, but I had a few days before a major event at work and made plans to head East and view them. Unfortunately, the exhibit had moved by the time I wanted to go. Seattle was the next stop and so to Seattle  I planned to go for a short 3 day itinerary.

The artist’s name: Yayoi Kusama Continue reading “S.A.M.”