Salt Lake City

10 days has come and gone.

They have not gone by quickly, nor have they gone by slowly either. Departing Yellowstone we head North into Montana {checking off another state} and then back South through Idaho to return back to Utah and complete the final leg of this epic 2017 Roadtrip!

We finish off here in Salt Lake City, but this isn’t our first trip here…

Our journey from Arches National Park took us through SLC when we were driving to Jackson Hole. A 10 hours drive from destination to destination.

Though we’d originally planned to spend a night here and had no plans to depart from here (at the end of the trip), plans changed about a week or two prior to leaving. Flights departing Montana were outrageously priced and included a minimum of 2 layovers-resulting in 12-14 hours of travel time. {this was not an option for either party}


Our first stop over in SLC was downtown where we stopped for lunch. Settebello. A Neapolitan pizzeria. It was on my list of places to eat, along with a slew of highly rated eateries: Copper Onion, Bambara, Lion House & Red Rock Brewery.

Leah picked Settebello out of my list, so pizza it was!

Next door is a cute Gelateria. {Of course I had to try it} After lunch we headed off to Wyoming, only to return a few days later…

{I never anticipated to spend most of my time in Salt Lake eating, but we didn’t have much time to do much else}


The drive down from Montana was exhausting. Brad and I felt like crap and we were now in a Chevy Tahoe. Space to lay down had become quite limited after leaving the RV. We tried to stop for lunch outside of Big Sky which was a total bust! We ended up leaving the restaurant without food due to extremely slow service.


Gas station snacks held us over until Idaho, where we ate McDonalds. After the upset of lunch, dinner wasn’t any better. We were all miserable and ready for a nice bed to lay in.

We arrived back to SLC fairly late in the evening.

Keenon and I had booked rooms at a Holiday Inn Express. It was proximal to the airport and we had to drop the car off by 11 AM.

Uber took us to lunch from the rental drop off. Brad and I were in no mood to decide on places to eat since we were still under the weather. Leah and Keenon chose Mexican cuisine. {There were zero-I mean ZERO expectations for this place. Being from Texas, there couldn’t possibly be a decent “Mexican” place in Salt Lake City of all places}

I put my foot in my mouth!

Red Iguana

I can speak for the 4 of us when I say that The Red Iguana is legitimately the best Mexican food I have e v e r had in the U.S (besides my Grandmas). Holy Sh*t!

They use bacon fat in the refried beans, you should know that.. but you should also know that’s the best way to make them and that’s the most delicious way to eat them! They also use mole (pronounced: mole-eh) in most of their sauces. Its a molasses and makes the sauce more brown than red and a little thicker. Which also enhances the flavor. Get the enchiladas here! I swear by them-Seriously.

On another note, next door to The Red Iguana is a creepy little motel, but for shits and giggles, just look at the strange pool surrounded by gnomes and a small waterfall side that doesn’t work. They do however offer COLOR-TV and honeymoon suite!

{Thanks to Leah for making us take this ultra weird loveble-kissing photo!}


Keenon wanted a treat after lunch and we still had some time before we needed to head back to the airport. Gourmands (bakery) was the next Uber stop. We selected our treats (a few cream puffs & cake slices) and some coffees before we Ubered back to SLC Airport.

If you have never thought about it, Spa Express is an absolutely great way to relax at the end of a trip before/catching a flight. Leah and I took a 30 minute chair massage. Now that we were relaxed it’s time to head home.

A few hugs and “see-ya laters,” Brad and I parted ways from Keenon and Leah for our 4 hour flight {which made the drive from Montana worth while}. Though we have not planned our next adventure with them, I can guarantee it will be soon.

Thanks for tagging along on this lengthy travel!

Until my next trip,

Safe Travels


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