Why I Turned Around

My latest adventure took me to Seattle, Washington. Yet, another state I’ve gotten to check off the list!

I recently got in touch with a friend who lives just outside the city (Freemont), Aaleen (pronounced: Al-eeen). We used to work together many moons ago when we were in college, she completed grad school in Seattle and stayed after nailing a pretty great job. And though we haven’t talked too much, we still keep in touch via Facebook and Instagram {where I swoon over all her amazing photos, which you’ll get to see below}.

When I told her I was going to be in town and that I wanted to go hiking, she was ecstatic! She listed out a few places she hadn’t been but wanted to go. I left the hiking destination to her choosing:  Blanca Lake.


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Salt Lake City

10 days has come and gone.

They have not gone by quickly, nor have they gone by slowly either. Departing Yellowstone we head North into Montana {checking off another state} and then back South through Idaho to return back to Utah and complete the final leg of this epic 2017 Roadtrip!

We finish off here in Salt Lake City, but this isn’t our first trip here… Continue reading “Salt Lake City”