Geysers, Hot Spring and Bison. Oh My!

Did you know that Yellowstone is open year round? Like most parks, it sure is!

Yellowstone National Park

What is more interesting, is that there are 4 entrances to YellowstoneNorth, South, East & West. Only the North entrance is open all year while the rest are closed until mid May. Which is where this itinerary begins…

On Day 9 we head from Grand Tetons into the South entrance. Not surprising at all was the amount of snow still on the ground. Since we moved this entire road trip back 2 months for this very reason, seeing about 3 feet of snow on the side of the freshly cleared road made complete sense!

What did not make sense:  the Yellowstone ranger informing us that it would take approximately 2 hours to reach the North entrance. {what?! why!?} Continue reading “Geysers, Hot Spring and Bison. Oh My!”


After crossing Utah off the visited list out of 50 states, we got to check off another state when we headed north to Wyoming!

Welcome to Wyoming

Our drive was a lengthy 9 hours, not including the pit stop in Salt Lake City (we’ll discuss this stop later) that took up the entirety of Day 8. This drive took us on a weaving adventure through the state line of Wyoming and Idaho where we saw plenty of grassy fields, winding rivers, mountains with snow, horses, barns and even a moose crossing the road!

The following day we decided to follow my Lonely Planet guide through Jackson Hole & Grand Tetons before heading to Yellowstone. The book gives a 1-hour tour route to see the “hot spots” around this area.

Here is why this 1-hour tour is impossible. Continue reading “Hole-in-one”


Arches National park is a rather amazing place; in fact, it may be my second favorite National Park. Maybe it’s the Red rocks, maybe its the sculptural rock formations. Either way this is a MUST SEE park!

There is a magical feeling about Arches and I can’t quite pin point it, but I can tell you what you should know when you visit the park in 2017.

Arches One Day Guide Continue reading “Archer”