Crossing state lines

If you’ve ever been to Texas, then you know how big it really is…

Road trips typically aren’t so terrible. Crossing one state line to the next can range from 4-8 hours (depending on the state). Here in Texas, crossing to state lines can be an all day event {if you’re going across the entire state}.

On my latest adventures:  Road Trip Recap. Our journey begins in Houston, Texas, where we spend our entire first day of the trip; below lies the arduous travels to the first destination.

Curious about the length of time it takes to cross the entirety of the great state of Texas?

Estimated time of Departure (from Houston): 4:00 PM

Estimate time of Arrival (to New Mexico): 12:07 PM

20 hours over all time with stops in San Antonio, Tx for dinner and again at Fort Stockton, Tx to sleep. Had we pushed through it all, our estimated drive time would have been 11 hours.

We had originally planned to pick up our RV at 10 AM, since there were so many RV pick ups for that same day we got pushed back to 1 PM. This set us back quite some time, but allowed us to prepare for the trip by gathering a few bulk items such as: water, bread, gatorade, chips, hot dogs and buns, etc. As well any last minute items (toothbrushes, lotion, etc).

Once we did get the RV, we found that we were not able to get the provisions kit we had planned to have. This meant we needed to get cooking utensils like pots, pans, spatulas and knives. Leah and I made an emergency trip to Walmart to scour the building for inexpensive provisions to make the trip more like home. We also rounded up some grocery items as well (snacks, snack bags, cleaning products, pillows, etc). I did not grab a large enough cart for all of this; thinking we were only grabbing pots/pans. Our little cart was spilling over with all the goodies we found, to our surprise, we only spent $100!

Breakfast:  Texas Shaped Waffles

Day 2: We stayed over night at a Best Western in Fort Stockton, ate breakfast and got back on the road. There was another 1 1/2-2 hours still left before we hit the New Mexico state line {which by the way is so odd to see the Mexico boarder}. On a serious note, I really thought to myself ” Wow! New Mexico looks a lot like Mexico,” when we were actually looking at Mexico while passing though El Paso! (smh) The terrain is very flat here, unlike West Texas (which had crazy limestone walls randomly on the highway). El Paso is a nicely built up small city with lots of shopping and restaurant options. You’ll begin to notice the stacked housing/apartment looking homes on the south side (this is Mexico). In the far distance are mountains.

On the Boarder Map
And to your left we have Mexico.

Once we finally reached New Mexico, there was a major traffic stop. I had read about this before the trip and didn’t say anything to anyone because, what would the odds be?The traffic stopped for about an hour for a random Missile Test launch.

This can occur at any given point during the day. The Missile testing fields are located along HWY 70 in Las Cruces, New Mexico. It’s run by Army and Navy officials. Traffic stops occur on both the North and Southbound sides of traffic. Stops can last up to an hour long. Larger vehicles are separated from passenger vehicles to speed up traffic after a launch. You are able to get outside of your car to watch the launch, unless otherwise instructed. Officers are often very friendly and will inform you of the location the the launch, but no specifics about the launch will be give to you. (Below is a video of the launch we saw)

After several additional hours in the RV we reached the first point at White Sands National Park in New Mexico:

White Sands Visitor Center

Our first priority was getting sand sleds to ride down the dunes. In the gift shop (which is located past the visitor center) you can purchase new sleds for $16.99 or you can purchase used ones for $10. Both have buy back options. New-$6, Used-$3.

Sand Sled
Size of sleds- 20-24″ diameter

Used sleds are not always available, so always ask if they have any used ones!

As expected, weather was pretty warm here in New Mexico. The sand on the other hand was moderate/ cool. We took our flip flops off and ran barefoot. As much fun as it is to ride down the dunes, remember that you’ll have to climb back up them to ride back down again. This became pretty tiresome; quickly, might I also mention that climbing up sand can be rather challenging!

Friends_White SandsWe allotted an hour of time here. Since we did not leave at our original time (between 10 AM-1 PM) the previous day; we were already behind schedule and had to make some very important decisions to cut the next stop (Santa Fe), so on we drove to Albequerqe to complete our second day of the trip.

Check out a few more videos of us racing each other down the dunes:

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