Road Trip Recap

Finally, we’ve made it to the recap portion of this long awaited road trip that I’ve been planning since October!

As promised, each state will be broken down to make it easier on both of us.

 I wanted to give you a short(er) recap of how the trip went including my thoughts, feelings and if I’d take this route again. {I’ll try to be brief}

I’ll start with the fact that I am relieved to be home at this point. Taking the RV was definitely an experience and one that I wasn’t sure about. One thing to take into account is wind and road noise. {it can be rather loud and unpredictable} Wind slowed us down in the driving portion as driving became difficult during high winds.

RV time
Picking up the RV-except this was a 30′. RV mix up happened with 6 departures 

The best part of the RV:  having a bathroom on board to reduce the amount of stops needed, though we made a point not to number 2 in the thing! (made clean out much easier) Secondly, having somewhere to lay down at any given point.

Worst part of the RV:  for me, it was not having a clear view through the windshield if you weren’t riding “shotgun.” I tend to get motion sickness/ headaches if I ride backward from the direction of travel. Seeing the horizon helps reduce the feeling. I would do my best to sit or lay somewhere so that I wouldn’t have this problem.

We covered 7 states on this route. 7! 5 of which most (if not all) of us have never been to.

New Mexico
Welcome to New Mexico
Piggyback ride Arizona
Welcome to Arizona
Welcome to Utah
Welcome to Wyoming
Welcome to Montana

Welcome to Idaho

Favorite part of the trip:  I enjoyed taking in the landscape in each state. I cannot briefly describe this aspect and will do my best to mention it in the break downs, but this was one of my favorite parts of the trip. Each of us had a favorite part of our travels, my was Zion, which you can read more about in Taking the Path less Traveled.

Each state has so much to offer and we did not cover it all, but I can say that we covered a lot and a lot of ground in 10 days. We also covered a few emotions…

Least Favorite part of the trip:  Being on a 25′ RV with 4 people can take a toll on your emotions, not to mention when plans don’t always go accordingly. Luckily, we’ve traveled together before. Brad, Keenon, Leah and I understand each other and I am super thankful for them and the fact that they “get” us. Missing out on Santa Fe {spoiler alert!} was really rough for me. In fact, this moment didn’t catch up until we hit Zion. (again emotions… and a story for another time)

Favorite State (on this trip): Utah! Not just for Zion,  but we did so much in Utah and still didn’t see/do it all. I’m ready to go back, anytime! Another great spot was Arches- you can read more about that adventure: Explore Arches.

Least Favorite State (on this trip): I’ll go with New Mexico, only because we didn’t get much chance to explore Idaho. Now, remember we didn’t make it to Santa Fe… I just honestly felt like I would have liked New Mexico so much more, but you can read about what we did in Crossing-State-Lines.

Best Memories: There are so many to name, but lets start with sliding down white sand dunes. Then there’s seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time and not believing what you’re seeing, the full experience of Zion, exploring Arches/ Moab,  and seeing a Bison, Bears and a Moose!

Molting Bison
Bison molting  on a tree in Yellowstone

Lastly; I think if I had to do this trip again, I would have forgone the RV and rented a car {faster driving ability and no worry about wind issues, but more potty stops}. We would have stayed at hotels instead, eliminating cost of sheets/blankets, provisions, etc.

On the flip side, I am really glad we did this trip. It was completely out of all of our boxes! Probably going to choose a few less stops next time though. I may have over done it {but thats typical of me…}.

For more details about my Road Trip read on to the next few itineraries!

6 thoughts on “Road Trip Recap

  1. My favorite would be Utah at night. It’s so dark there you can see the Milky Way. Damn near made me cry. Hope your positives out way the negatives and you will travel more in a RV. Nice post.


    1. Thanks for the comment. I did enjoy the over all trip, maybe a largeeqr RV might be a little smoother of a ride, Utah is beautiful and I hope to get back so that I can see the Milky Way! We had a Full Moon throughout the state, so seeing all the stars was a bit of a challenge but we did a nice starry night in Yellowstone! I hope you’ll stay tuned for my additional posts. Thanks again for leaving a commment!

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