Crossing state lines

If you’ve ever been to Texas, then you know how big it really is…

Road trips typically aren’t so terrible. Crossing one state line to the next can range from 4-8 hours (depending on the state). Here in Texas, crossing to state lines can be an all day event {if you’re going across the entire state}.

On my latest adventures:  Road Trip Recap. Our journey begins in Houston, Texas, where we spend our entire first day of the trip; below lies the arduous travels to the first destination. Continue reading “Crossing state lines”

First Timer’s Guide to RV Travel

Road Trips are not a thing of the past. In fact, it’s becoming trendy again. You’ve seen the show “Tiny House,” right?  We’re all looking for a way to be comfortable when we travel whether it’s buying a pop up and toting it behind the Jeep or buying an old school bus/van and doing a complete rehaul on the interior to make it feel more like a home on wheels.

Your next best option is renting an RV.

Here are 7 things you should know before taking your first RV trip (because I know you want to travel! and why not take a road trip?): Continue reading “First Timer’s Guide to RV Travel”