New Mexico/ Arizona

I need to catch you back up because we left off on Utah. Our plans of leaving in March just so happened to be cancelled due to weather conditions in the North, preventing us from being able to visit Yellowstone {like we discussed in Wyoming back in 2016}. We were able to reschedule our trip without penalty and got reimbursed for the one-way tickets for flights.

So, here we are… Im rounding back again before we actually head off in May (weather will be much better). Instead of leaving from Montana and driving down back to Texas, our adventure will begin backwards from Texas to Montana. Though I am not looking forward to the lengthy drive out of Texas; I can look forward to visiting New Mexico and Arizona {which I fell in love with back in 2015, when Brad took me to Sedona for our Anniversary}.

Crazy site:  Chapel of the Holy Cross- Sedona AZ

Our trip begins in Houston…

It’s very important that we leave as early as possible. The RV pick up isn’t until 10 AM, but I hope we’ll be able to pick it up the night prior! We have added White Sands National Park to the list of things to do, which is right beyond the border of Texas and New Mexico. If we play our cards just right, we’ll get the opportunity to spend some quality time in Santa Fe {a place I have been eyeing for about 5 years now}. I am most excited to visit the Georgia O’Keefe Museum and see some of the shops and landscapes in this area, which I am also pretty sure Leah will be up for. However, if we spend too much time at White Sands then we will not have time for Santa Fe and it will just be a pit stop to sleep.

Brad has every intention to make it to Arizona by the second day to see the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon in one day. I do not expect this to be the case, but I suppose we will see. {Brad and I got snubbed out of Antelope Canyon on our last visit to Arizona, (due to rain) flash flooding is extreme in these areas and can start with even the slightest of showers. We’ll just pray for sunshine!}

Since we missed out on Antelope, we drove to Horseshoe Bend. Totally worth seeing! It is also NOT part of the Grand Canyon. Brad about crapped his pants looking over the edge here, as for me…

Horseshoe BendDSC_0107

I like to live on the edge.

Living on the Edge
Hanging off Horshoe Bend

Keenon, Brad, Leah and I also go snubbed out of the Grand Canyon when we went to Las Vegas several years ago. So we fully intend to get to both locations no matter what!

DSC_0167Plans to the see the Petrified Forrest and Four Corners are up in there air for visiting on this trip, but I don’t mind staying in Arizona! In fact, I wouldn’t mind going down to the Saguaro National Park. Seeing this type of cacti is pure insanity! Once they reach a certain height, you can tell how old they are. Most of them are over 100 years old.

If we don’t make it, then I’ll just have to come back again!

After Antelope Canyon {should we not get snubbed again}, we’ll shoot North to Utah and begin the Utah Parks backwards starting with Zion.

Other stops on the menu include: the painted desert and meteor crater

Packing will be a bit more of a challenge since moving our dates back to May  from March… weather will be substantially warmer, specifically in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. All those boots and leggings I purchased a few months back may not be used. Uh Oh! I suppose we shall see, lows in any state are to reach lower 40s and highs in any state  escalate to the 90s. Packing of everything from tank tops and shorts to layered leggings, boots and jackets will be interesting!

Rest assured, there will be plenty to report back on which is why I have decided that I will break each state into it’s own recap after the trip. Expect a wide array of information and photos for each Itinerary!  Time is ticking… I should probably get to pre-packing. Until then,

Safe Travels.

P.S. if you make it our to Sedona, AZ. Make sure you stop and admire the McDonalds. This is the only McDonalds in the World that has any other color than Golden Arches! The city of Sedona petitioned the corporation, saying that they would not allow them to have “Golden” Arches as it would take away from the scenery. Turquoise was the only compromise and so it was!

Turquoise Arches

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