New Mexico/ Arizona

I need to catch you back up because we left off on Utah. Our plans of leaving in March just so happened to be cancelled due to weather conditions in the North, preventing us from being able to visit Yellowstone {like we discussed in Wyoming back in 2016}. We were able to reschedule our trip without penalty and got reimbursed for the one-way tickets for flights.

So, here we are… Im rounding back again before we actually head off in May (weather will be much better). Instead of leaving from Montana and driving down back to Texas, our adventure will begin backwards from Texas to Montana. Though I am not looking forward to the lengthy drive out of Texas; I can look forward to visiting New Mexico and Arizona {which I fell in love with back in 2015, when Brad took me to Sedona for our Anniversary}.

Crazy site:  Chapel of the Holy Cross- Sedona AZ

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