Take on the Magnolia Market

Im not really sure why people’s “obsession” about Chip & Joanna Gaines is so strong, but I can appreciate the work they do and I can say that I too enjoy the farmhouse aesthetic. My in-laws came in town this week and they wanted to make a trip to Waco to shop at the Magnolia Market.

Houston is only a 3 hour drive to Waco. We probably should have gotten up early for this trip {Brad joked about leaving by 7 AM}. We didn’t think much about it, but after arriving in Waco there was a moment of hesitation in being there during Spring Break.

Magnolia Market and Garden-WacoMagnolia MarketNot that it matters; honestly, because I did a little research about Magnolia. The shop sees round about 10,000 a day. A DAY! That’s a lot of visitors. I expected crowds, but not the kind of crowding that was actually present. We paid $10 to park near the Church on Webster & 4th, then walked 2 blocks to the Market. (There isn’t much to this area, but shopping in Waco is a big to-do. It’s known for the antique markets and Baylor college) At the corner of 6th, there was a line wrapped around a smaller building. This was the Silos Baking Company. {thankfully this wasn’t the line to the market}  I’d overheard a woman in line near the entrance say that if you don’t get there before 7 AM then you’ll be standing in line forever. We skipped the bakery, but now I’m wondering what must possibly be that good to be waiting at 7 AM.

Behind the Bakery are the giant white silos, still a bit rusty and the paint color of the buildings nearly match them perfectly (as you can see above)

Silos Bakery

Magnolia Market Grand Entrance
Grand Entrance

Passing the bakery– there are several lines. Do not get lost like we did; we stood in the Trolley line for a couple minutes before realizing what the line was for. Beyond this line is the gates to enter the Market Square. There will be a line! Just how long a line is the more important issue.

The line starts at the entrance of the Market doors- it will then form down the stairs and around the square toward the Seed + Supply, back around through the garden and continue back toward the square (in front of the silos) and then out the entrance gates and wrap around the Market building. Yes, it can be that long. Check out the grounds map below: (unfortunately, the website does not have a map)

Map of Magnolia MarketIf you bring a friend; which I highly suggest you do, one of you should wait in line while the other explores, grabs a snack, uses the bathroom, etc. {P.S. use the porta-potty; lines for the bathroom are ridiculously long, but you shouldn’t be shocked by lines at this point} Then switch out, because there is plenty to see while the line is still very long. They have about 6-7 food trucks on premise as well, a kettle corn stand. You should get yourself some of this kettle corn! (sells out quickly) You won’t be able to resist the smells coming from this stand.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When you finally make it through the doors, prepare yourself as if it’s Black Friday. I am not even kidding when I say there are people everywhere. Its like crazy madness in this place and everyone wants to get there hands on stuff. They have quite the replenishment team, restocking as fast as they can. If you see an associate carrying something you want–ask them if it’s accounted for; if its not, politely ask if you can have it. {I lucked out with the Milk Buckets} My mother-in-law and I wanted them only to find they were sold out once we got in. I saw an associate carrying 2 and we were able to snag them!Lower Level-Magnolia Market

After you’ve searched the entire place and I urge you to look at everything, there are multiple places to check out. One on the main level (which has a long line) and one on the lower level (which has a shorter line). There are also a few associates who can check you out with their iPad/devices as long as you are paying on credit or debit card.

If you didn’t get a chance to swing by the Seed + Supply while you were waiting in line for the Market, now is a good chance. Its small, but houses some great potters and cute decor options for your fairy garden such as mushrooms, bicycles and houses. Of course there are seeds to start growing too!

Leaving Magnolia Market
happy as a clam

Depending on how long you decided to spend here, if the line has died down at the bakery then you ought to go in so you can tell me what was worth the wait! If it hasn’t died down, then there’s the option of the Silos baking Co. food truck. I filled up on kettle corn. So, if you do get something, please let me know how it was!

Remember that trolley line? Well, you can take that around town to visit some other fun places there in Waco. Though we didn’t ride it, we did stop by the Dr. Pepper Museum only a few blocks away on 5th & Mary Ave. {Since we arrived in Waco at Noon, this would be the last stop on our trip (3 hours back to Houston)} I will say it wasn’t as exciting at the Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta, but worth a visit.

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Check out what else Waco has to offer and get more information about the Magnolia Market here . On Saturday’s they offer a Farmers Market (9AM-1PM)

Safe Travels.

Next stop- Las Vegas

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