10 travel Must-haves

What are those few items you just can’t travel without?

I’ve compiled a list of 10 items you should have in your bag at all times when you are traveling and why you should never leave home without them. Whether you’re climbing, cruising, city traveling or camping you ought to be carrying…


Sunglasses:  Not only is it important to protect your eyes, but sunglasses are one of those perfect accessories to have. They go with any and every outfit, dressy or casual. If you’re like me, you will enjoy having a polarized lens. This allows you to see objects and distances more clearly and in a truer light. Featured sunglasses can be found here. (Diff Eyewear is a charitable purchase, similar to Toms. With each purchase a pair of reading glasses are donated to someone in need) $85

Jacket-of any kind:  Weather can be pretty unpredictable; you should always be prepared! That’s why I always travel with a lightweight utility jacket. For one, it has multiple pockets. Two, it has the option to tuck away the hood if I don’t need it. Three; its light weight, easy to pack or wear and a good layering option. Featured jacket can be found here. My jacket is also from Forever21. I’ve had it for about 4 years now. $27.50

Imodium:  I can’t stress enough how much these little pills come in handy and I am pretty sure we have all been there… that horrible stomach churning feeling while out and about. One of those situations that will ruin the rest of your day kind of things. Usually I will carry about 2 with me, depending on the length of my travels. Imodium is a diarrhea relief medication, it also suppresses symptoms of bloating, gas, cramps and pressure. $5-7 (can be purchased anywhere)

Camera-of any kind:  Everyone wants to capture their best memories while traveling, thats why I state any kind. Hell, even your cell phone camera is good! This item is a given, we all enjoy bringing back memories to show family and friends. If you’re looking for a camera to take instead of your phone, here is a good option. This is my personal camera. I have about 4 cameras and really enjoy snapping on my DSLR, but its very heavy and doesn’t allow me to travel lightly. So I got this one (featured). It’s lightweight, travels well and lightly while offering DSLR quality without the bulk. It is also mirrorless and has WiFi capability for “on the go” sharing. $256.95

Chapstick/ lip protectant: Keeping your lips protected is not only for going to the beach! You should take care of your lips at all times. Did you know you loose moisture from your entire body while flying, specifically from your lips, hands and eyes. I prefer a medicated option–seals in moisture, heals and smooths. You can pick your favorite. $1.50 (can be purchased anywhere)

Sleep mask (silk):  Sleeping on planes can be rather difficult or anywhere other than your own bed. That’s where a sleep mask comes in. Blocks out the light to allow your eyes go undisturbed when you try to catch some Z’s. Featured sleep mask can be found here. This silk sleep mask won’t leave creases in your hair and won’t mess up your make up. Did you know that sleeping on a silk pillow is good for your skin? Well, you don’t have to go through the expense or hassle of a pillow with this mask. It also travels very well! I loved my sleep mask so much I bought a second one 🙂 $45

Wipes-any kind:  You find these come in handy for any situation. Though I recommend a baby wipe versus Wet ones or Clorox wipes. Not only are they going to be handy to clean your hands and surfaces; you can use them to clean your face and other areas that are a bit more sensitive. Baby wipes will allow you to go anywhere and feel clean when you don’t have access to a shower. They’re also better for your skin. If you insist on an anti-bacterial wipe, keep in mind not to use them on your face or nether regions! You can find the featured baby wipes hereYou can select any brand you wish, I like the Burt’s Bees brand 99.1% natural and has Vitamin E & Aloe. Another option is here, the Honest brand is organic and biodegradable. Both options come with a resealable closure.

Dry shampoo:  First lets discuss finding the right dry shampoo for you! I’ll begin by saying stay away from colored dry shampoos. Should it bust or spray in your bag, you may regret the purchase. Stick with a natural or white shampoo option,  even for you girls with dark hair! Why? you ask, it may leave a bit of a white residue at first but it will leave your skin unstained and if the unthinkable happens, it also won’t stain anything in your bag!  Make sure you give a few options a try, find a trial size or use a tester in-store before committing. Massaging the shampoo into the scalp and root is the most important to keep that “ashy white” look away. You’ll want a dry shampoo in case you don’t have access to a shower, want additional volume to your hair or just want to refresh your style. You can find the featured dry shampoo hereLike I said, you may want to try before you buy. It took me several options before I found one that worked for me. I use Drybar and Aveda brands. Need more info? leave me a comment (below). $13

Pen:  For obvious reasons, carrying a pen is always a good idea. You may need a number, directions, something to journal or sketch with. Also, a pen will come in handy for emergency situations–not that it should happen; but if it did, you would have a pretty hand tool with a pen. If you break down the components of a pen then you may start to see there is some use for a pen other than as a writing tool. Think McGyver type options. In case you need some suggestions on what else a pen could be:

safety tool– if used with enough force it could probably penetrate through flesh

straw– use the exterior of the pen to drink from

dye- pen ink can be used as a dye or stain

blade- when broken, the exterior of a pen can be used as a blade to cut. Possibly a fish or even to descale a fish or other animals.

pick- unwind the spring and you can pick a lock

fish hook- unwind the spring and reshape-now you can catch dinner!

Either way, you ought to grab yourself a box of pens to keep around the house for you next trip. You can pick up your favorite pen(s) here. I prefer the Bic brand retractable pens, they are spring loaded, no cap needed, have a pocket clip and are inexpensive! $7.99 (12 count)/ $.66 ea.

Scarf:  Besides sunglasses, a scarf is the best accessory you could own. It can transform a basic outfit and can be worn multiple ways. They are good to have when you are visiting churches in case you need to cover up a body part (legs, shoulders, head, etc.). Traveling with one is simple, lightweight and can be: folded, rolled or worn while on the go. If you are pretty handy with a scarf, then you can probably get more out of it that just around your neck. For more ways to use a scarf visit here or watch a tutorial below.

Find featured scarf here. $39

I hope this makes packing a little easier next time. Let me know if any of these items worked for you, drop me a line or comment below.

Safe Travels!

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