Gear-ing up

It’s already December, practically. About 4 months to go until the 2017 Roadtrip begins!

That can only mean one thing…

Pre planning needs to commence: What gear will I need? What do I already have? How can I pack lightly?

Since Black Friday and Cyber Monday just swung through I took advantage of some new boots. I don’t currently have boots that are “snow-ready” or even capable to even go in snow. I had a store credit for Dillard’s and instead of spending it frivolously I decided to look in the shoe department specifically for Sorel boots; which I’ve had my eyes on for quite some time, ever since I saw a sponsored ad for them on my Pinterest.

About a month ago there was A pair at the store at the time I got my credit, not quite the pair I was looking for. Thankfully their website had more options! I kept browsing hoping there would be a discount or sale since Sorel’s can run about $100+ for heavy snow options. It didn’t cross my mind again until late afternoon on Black Friday to search Dillard’ for any deals {duh, palm-face}. Turns out they had 30% off . I ended up choosing the Winter Carnival boot. After contemplating this choice for 20 minutes and comparing other styles on Sorel’s website (not sponsored). Option 1 was the Joan of Arctic boot, option 2 was the Caribou boot and option 3 the Carnival. Without going through the grueling mind chatter it took to choose {you’ve been spared!}, I’ll tell you about the boots that I got.


First of all, I ordered them on Friday and they’ve already been delivered to my house. It’s Tuesday! Granted Dillard’s warehouse is in Arkansas, I think they got here rapidly considering the day they were ordered!

The Winter Carnival boots are waterproof and have a washable inner lining, they are pretty well insulated and can handle temperatures to -25ºF/ -32º C. My feet and ankles were instantly warm when I put them on! They do seem bulky when you try them on and definitely need to be laced super tight to reduce traction in the heel. They are perfect for thick socks and layering too. Original pricing for these is $130, right now they are on sale for $97.50 on both Dillards and Sorel. I had $38 on a store credit, shipping + tax ran about $16. So basically I paid half price for them. Not a bad deal if i say so myself. Be sure to order your normal size.

They go really well with my new Patagonia jacket I purchased a few months ago, which I’m also excited to have in the closet since its waterproof as well.


After purchasing a small “fanny pack” or waist-pack they sent me a 15% coupon email. I figured it was a good time to invest in a layer piece. Again, after much back and forth banter with myself I picked the Torrentshell Jacket (Not sponsored). Patagonia was advertising this jacket on their main page, I got suckered in. Though, I will say that I watched all the videos and read reviews before purchasing!

How was I sold on this piece? Well, its made from 100% recycled nylon and waterproof. A good option for rain or snow! It also rolls up into a lightweight pouch- which is actually just its own pocket. –SOLD! {I love stuff that can be rolled up into itself, into a tiny package or multipurpose}

Jacket into pocket: 7 inches in length

When I got the jacket I was a little surprised by how thin the jacket was, it seemed thicker online. The fit of the jacket is pretty loose, which is good considering I will probably layer under it. It’s supposed to be a shell, not really a full jacket so, you know…


Layering will be Key. The jacket has air vents at the armpits and tons of pocket space with draw cords here and there to stay dry. The pocket pouch also has a carabiner loop to hook it to your pack or belt loop. Very light weight!

Can’t wait to see how these hold up.

Now it’s on to finding some gloves, more thermal layers, socks, maybe a survival kit and a platypus (water bottle). To Be Continued…

Safe travels over the Holidays!

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