What is there to do in your city? How do you find out what is going on in your city or when your visiting elsewhere?

Have no clue?

Let’s talk about how to do stuff when you’re new in town, just visiting or just want to get out in your own city this weekend!

If you are part of Facebook, which you probably are…

I decided to check out Facebook’s “Events” section this week. I managed to attend 2 events on Sunday! (check out some photos from the events further down) The first event I had already been invited to and the second was on the “events” feed. In case you haven’t accessed this yet or have no idea how to get there see the photos and video below to walk you through navigation.

First of all, you can see how many people are interested and how many people are going to this event just by clicking into the link. Granted, just because it may say 5,000 people are attending doesn’t mean that they will actually go. Which leads me to another point:  If you are interested in attending the event-be sure to select the interested button; doing this will provide you with notification when the event gets closer, lets your friends know (in case they want to attend) and allows you to be un-commited. Now, if you want to Go, then select the Going button– also sends you notification when the event gets closer, notifies your friends that you’re going and lets the venue know how many people they should plan to have in attendance. {it’s important that you select these. why? because it provides the venue and host valuable information- also its rude to RSVP and not show up. You wouldn’t like it if everyone RSVP’d to your birthday and not a damn soul showed up, am i right?}

Earlier this week, when I searched through the “events” page I noticed the variety of events throughout town; as well, how many events where going on! At the bottom of the page you’ll find categories that you can select based on what you like to do. Some events are free, some have select spots available and some will no occur at all. Check this info when you select the event.

Now onto the good stuff–

Event 1: Houston BBQ Throwdown 2016

Hosted by the Houston BBQ Festival at Saint Arnold Brewery (Houston’s local brew house).

Some of Houston’s best BBQ restaurants came to play for the win and title of Houston Best. There were probably 12-20 Que-masters there. {I seriously never eat BBQ after things like this for months-Brad hates me for it} Each serving up some traditional bites and some with new infusions and mixing barbecue in new ways that aren’t so traditional. For instance, the BBQ ravioli:  wasn’t my favorite, but I believe that the execution was off or the BBQ empanada:  which was quite good and the BBQ taco:  probably more widely accepted, but also my favorite contender besides the Brisket and mac:  nothing is better than a good brisket that falls apart when you touch it.–This shit was good! I filled up on bite sized portions and still am FULL! On top of all the BBQ was the beer. It was a ticketed event, so you paid for it, but as much Que and beer as you can handle… what’s not to like! Saint Arnold had about 12+ beers on tap for the event with 2 being Christmas seasonals!

If you’re not from Texas, then you probably disagree with me when I say :  “Texas has the best barbecue in the world!”– if you don’t agree with this statement 1 of 2 things is true; either you’ve never had real barbecue or you don’t know what you’re talking about. Also, if you don’t agree let me know where you think the best barbecue can be found!

Event 2: Via Colori- the street painting festival

Hosted by Houston Via Colori and The Center for Hearing and Speech in Downtown Houston

The festival is a fundraiser to help children with hearing loss to listen, speak and read. The CHS is a non-profit organization. It cost me $10 to get in- goes to a great cause! {btw have you seen those videos of people getting a hearing aid and hearing for the first time?– if that doesn’t make you cry of joy and happiness than you have no soul!} The event was held in a small park downtown, where they had blocked off two streets (1 block) for artists from around the world to paint the streets with art work. I was pleasantly surprised by some of these works that many local business and schools commissioned artists to do; in fact some of the artists were high school students! I’ll let the photos and videos do the talking!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let me know what you think about the  art works and also if you have tried these FB events yourself.

P.S. the lion was done by @sethcstratton (instagram) check him out.

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