Weighted Options

Some times we face those moments of choosing. I got to encounter a few of those this week! Some that were not important and some that may have had an impact. Two of my issues dealt with material things, which I often find myself contemplating the necessity  of it all.

fullsizerender-2Issue #1:  Earlier this week I received an email from a shoe sales person. I will typically get these emails from her once– maybe twice a year.


In this case, I was very matter of fact that I needed to have these shoes. Have to have this shoe!   About 10 minutes into the back and forth emails I realized that I need to travel. I don’t need these shoes. As I sat there thinking about how this shoe will sell out again and I’ll see it everywhere; I knew that having this shoe would bring me no satisfaction. Then I decided to look up the cost of a flight (abroad)…

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  • Flights to Lima- $555
  • Flights to Amsterdam-$1047
  • Flights to Chile- $1078

100% sure that I don’t need them anymore! Flights alone are about the cost of shoes, Travel : 1 | Shoes: 0. {So thankful that this blog is keeping up its half of the deal here!}

Issue #2:  Today I met with some new friends, We are all apart of a group called GirlsLoveTravel. {just a bit of back story, GLT is a girls Facebook community who love to travel} We did a local meet and I really enjoyed talking with these girls and learning about their lives and experiences both at home and abroad; where they have been and where they aspire to travel to next.  (a few photos from today’s events below)

During one conversation, I expressed that I felt confused as to how some of the other travelers in our [very large] community constantly travel; living from out of their backpacks or suit cases and from hotel to hotel or hostel or friends homes, etc. I told them that I was a little sad that they didn’t have a place to really call home or to bring all their trinkets to. A new friend had explained that when you travel like that, that you do not collect things. You live, you enjoy and you carry on as lightly as possible. She then began to express her struggle in settling down and that the purchase of home furniture really pulled at her emotionally. As I watched her, I thought to myself about all of my things.

I have grown fond of having a place to call home and a place to return to everyday, day in and day out. I would consider myself fortunate to have this but again some find the commitment to one place very restrictive. At the end of the meet up I continued to harp on this thought. {What about all my stuff? Why do I continue to collect and buy things? Is it because it’s the norm.. You buy a home- now you have to buy all the furnishings to go with it. What for? What if I don’t want all the things. I think I want the things,  but what if I didn’t. What would be the purpose to have a home?} Here I’m babbling on about the things, and yet I have a wayfair.com mailer, a ballard designs catalogue and a bath and bodyworks coupon sitting next to me. Ironic, isn’t it?

Supposing I decided not to furnish the home, is it weird to think about an empty home? I have yet to decide on it all, but I know that one day I will eventually want to rid myself of it all and live a much simpler life where I own nothing…

I’ll simply be the old woman living on a cruise ship for the rest of her days, because what would possibly be better than that!


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