What Type of Traveler are YOU?

Often I question if I am rough and rugged traveler, a luxury traveler, or neither.

Infact, what kind of traveler am I? That’s a great question indeed. Below I have listed a few types of travelers, maybe you are one of these or maybe you are not. I want to know what kind of traveler you are. Feel free to comment!

Here are a list of a few different travel types:

The Business Man (or Woman): The business tourist; part of the business world, or starting up their own business of sorts. Most of the cities feature conference centers that cater to their needs. Often the business tourist is visiting a country or city with a group in relations for an exchange of services or goods to be purchased or sold to specified markets. A proper example of a business tourist is a salesman, who makes trips to different places to attend trade shows, to display and promote his own products also. He or She may venture to a near by eatery or bar to mingle with co-workers. Often they do not stray to far  nor get to see the sights. The business traveler knows good places to eat or drink and knows where the best hotel is. They may not be able to tell you what to see or do, but they’ve been there and they’ll tell you about the airports, transportation arrangements, travel time, the local fare and culture (to an extent) and always the hotel they stayed at!

Life is a Luxury, Use It: This traveler soaks it all up! They tend to want to rejuvenate and revitalize with all the comforts. Luxe travelers are often found cruising or relaxing on a beach. They will find the most posh spots in town, be it dinner, shopping, evening events, and spas. If it’s available, the Luxe traveler will do it, try it, or have to buy it! They tend to spend time enjoying the time off work or away from their mundane schedules to indulge in all the thing. As you can imagine, this type of traveler gets the cherry on top! Local culture and history may not be in the cards for this tourist, but you can ask them about spas, good dining options for a “fancy meal,” and the best spots to stop and just let it all go.

The People Pleaser: Been there, done that- universal type. The People pleaser travels for social acceptance- perhaps even finds personal satisfaction in social acceptance (a need to see and do what others have already done in order to fit in with the conversation). They choose to vacation at unimaginative locations and venture down the same route of the regular tourist, never seeking to try something off the menu. Going to a local dive to eat is out of the question and learning a new language can be a daunting task for the people pleaser. Their travels aren’t  “where you’ve been,” but what their peers will think about where they’ve been. Common well know hotels and common foods are consumed by the people pleasers;  who know the best place to get (insert food type here) that they would normally eat at home and where the holiday inn express is located. Ask the people pleaser about the locals, they are typically observant in watching other behaviors and will definitely let you know when they had a bad experience!

The Student: AKA: the Study Abroads- traveling to other towns, cities and countries for further education. Whether its to improve his or her education, get certifications, or seeking a new skill; these individuals can be found any and everywhere with no regard to the destinations of travel. Often the student travels with a light load or even backpack. They want to see it all and immerse themselves in the culture and way of life in this new destination. The student stays in this destination for weeks maybe months and can venture way off the beaten path. No one is ever a stranger and everywhere is a good place to eat. Finding transportation and sleeping arrangements is always possible for the student. Ask them about their travels and they will tell you everything you need to know about (insert city here). Another good thing about the student; is to watch their faces light up when they tell you about their trips.

The Escape Artist: Others may find this traveler to be rather somber at times or ever reclusive. The escape artist is a fugitive on the run; attempting to escape from the familiar and typically from personal issues they may be dealing with at the time. Namely- boredom, worry, heartbreak, guilt, fear, failure, conflict, themselves. This artist is under the delusion that anything can be lost with distance. Alas, it cannot. Yet it always seems worth a try. The escape artist will put all their efforts into finding some way to distract themselves from their reality. They will find friends, eats, places, and good spots to just be alone and take in the world. Getting information from the escape artist can be an interesting conversation, as emotions get tied to destinations. Some artists eventually snap to but many never get back to reality and find themselves on the run again.

The Adventure Seeker: A traveler who is open for anything-ears, eyes and mind are wide open. The adventurer loves any travel for the sake of traveling. They will find any means to get to their particular destination. Some may set an exact destination, some may plan strategically but most will fly by the seat of their pants in hopes to see and do it all. The only thing to hold back the adventure seeker is time; this travelers nemesis. Exotic destinations and outlandish excursions can be found on a list of to-do’s for this traveler. You may be inclined to ask them about the craziest thing they did on their trips, you’ll always be amazed. The adventure seeker, who is open to anything knows several things to do around town and makes friends with locals. They will stay anywhere; like the student, they want to be fully immersed. Many adventure seekers travel with backpack to keep the load extra light. Adventurers beat to their own drum; ask them anything, they will share the world!

Did any of these types describe you? Maybe you are a half breed; what ever traveler you are is a good one in my eyes. Hopefully you enjoyed these types. If you want to see more, take this quiz and see what kind of traveler you are. It’s all in fun! If you want to know what kind of traveler I am…

I stumbled on this quiz and thought it would be fun to share. The site is for a time share (please note I am not compensated for this site), don’t be alarmed. This was my result:


You love the thrill of exploring new places and you seek out exciting adventures. Not one to sit idly on the beach and read, you think of vacation as a time to rediscover your playful side—wind surfing, skiing, kayaking or even trying out that zip line are all up your alley. The world awaits…and you’re eager to jump in head first!

Let me know what type it gave you!

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