Welcome to Atlanta…

This past weekend we took a small road trip back to Atlanta {what is technically considered a “hometown” for me}. Brad grew up there, it’s Home for him. I have been passed between two cities my entire childhood; Atlanta being one.

Our trip consisted mostly of being a part of our best friends’ wedding, spending time with my in-laws, my best friend and seeing the only sites that matter to me!

About the wedding:

Frist, I love weddings! Who doesn’t love love? Our friends finally tied the knot after denying their love for one another for several years of their friendship. Their love relationship started 9 years ago after Brad and I got married; I couldn’t be happier for them. The bride wore a soft blush pink gown, that my phone couldn’t even capture how beautiful it really was. The groom wore a Tom Ford suit. Brad and I were part of the wedding party, needless to say we had a good time! I must say though, I was feeling a little FOMO since the newlyweds headed off to Thailand for their blissful 2 week honeymoon! Continue reading “Welcome to Atlanta…”