The Americas

I made a promise on March 12 to my husband that after going to Tahiti this year, we would take a road trip or atleast travel state side. I promised.

After many back and forths with the husband (Brad) about 2016’s travel plans (I wanted to go to Chile/ he wanted to go to Alaska) I realized that travel plans would fall through on the Chile portion {since travel season to Chile is from November- March}; I then threw out going to my long awaited travels to Tahiti. Long story short, I was able to get him on the same page after finding an amazing deal and we compromised that we would take a dual trip:  5 days traveling the California coast & 5 days in beautiful Tahiti. (We can save this trip for a later date, so I can reminisce).

The thought of a road trip seems exciting and also really boring. Ugh. I can imagine it:  us driving down the road with miles ahead and literally nothing to look at. Atleast this is what I imagine trying to get out of Texas. {Seriously, it takes forever!} In the back of my mind, yes I wanted to do it and then I didn’t. Until I realized how much I really, really wanted to go to Chile and walk on a glacier. A Glacier! what is more amazing than that?!

So here we are at this current time and I know that I want to go to Chile and I know I want to go to Patagonia (slapped right in the middle of Chile and Argentina). It’s rugged terrain, it’s various weather conditions, it’s hiking and roughing it. Yeah, I dunno about this. But I do know I want to go there and now I’ve got to work for it.

In comes the “road trip” plans.

After some decision that I need to do this and I’ve got to prepare for such; I expressed to Brad that I wanted to go on a road trip, but I want to see “X,””Y,” & “Z” places.

This discussion with Brad has gone on for several weeks now. We have made some decisions and set forth an idea, that is springing into reality as I just booked us a One-Way ticket to Butte, Montana. Holy Shit it’s real! I’m really going to start a journey that I hope gets me to that Glacier!

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