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Recently a friend of mine had posted her photos of a Trip to the Grand Tetons on Facebook.  I was so excited that she had gone that I needed to know more about her trip.{since I’ve been contemplating this trip since coming back from Tahiti this spring}  Below is a recap of our short Q & A:


N:  How long did you plan before your trip and did you do any research about the area?
B:  I’d wanted to go to Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming for a while – but I didn’t anticipate doing all four in less than four days. I really didn’t do much research since I knew that the main reason to go would be to see Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park. {I went on a road trip for Memorial Day that spanned 11 states in 8 days in the Midwest/central plains and had planned it out to the hour. This trip was the absolute opposite} I can’t say that planning a lot or not planning at all is better, I really enjoy taking trips both ways.

N:  When did you decide to go to Wyoming?
I bought my ticket on a Tuesday and left that Friday – typically some of my best trips have been just spontaneously deciding to go somewhere.

N: Were there specific things or a destination you wanted to see/do there?
B:  There wasn’t anything specific in the parks that I wanted to see. I knew that our time in each would be limited and we had no clue if the weather was going to cooperate. When we went, there were also a lot of wildfires in the area so planning specifics didn’t seem to be an option since roads and trails were ever changing.

N: How long did it take of you to get to your destination and how did you travel?
B:  We flew on the last flight from Atlanta to Salt Lake, I think it was about 4 hours. When we arrived it was 1am and I drove straight from there through Utah, Idaho Montana and finally Wyoming. We made it to Yellowstone for the sunrise, which was more than worth the late night/early morning drive.

Sunrise at Yellowstone


N: Where did you go (city) in Wyoming?
B:  The first night we stayed in Colter Bay near Moran and the second night we stayed in Jackson.

N: What kind of things did you do?
B:  Driving took a good bit of our time. We were able to do several short hikes in Yellowstone and also some scenic driving around the park. We saw geysers, sulfur pools, waterfalls, and a ton of different wildlife (LOTS OF BISON). When we were in Jackson we took a chairlift up one of the ski resorts and did the alpine slide down the mountain. (See Photo Below) That day we also shopped and just enjoyed the city. Also walked around Park City and stopped by the Temple in Salt Lake.


N:  How long was your trip and do you wish it was longer or shorter and why?
B:  I wish that we had longer to explore. We didn’t get to do as much hiking as we wanted just because of the time constraints that we were under. I would have extended it by at least 4 days if I had planned it sooner.

N:  Did you learn anything (about something or even about yourself) on this trip?
Looking back as a kid, I always considered those states to be lame. I never understood why people would ever visit Idaho or Wyoming. I am eating my words now! I’d say Wyoming is tied with Oregon now as my favorite state.

N:  What kind of tips or recommendations would you give me for traveling to Wyoming?
B:  I would definitely book in advance and avoid a Holiday weekend. We were really lucky to score places to stay as most hotels and cabins had filled up for the long weekend. Be conscious of the time of year youre going – for us, we were there with the wild fires and now it’s starting to snow out there. Also, be prepared for weather to change quickly and pack accordingly!

N:  Describe the spot when you had a “wow” moment.
B:  Yellowstone was absolutely beautiful but I think my “wow” moment had to be seeing the Tetons from Mormon Row. It is hard to believe that people actually had that view to wake up to. I just wish I could go back and see how the people lived during that time.

Grand Tetons

N:  If you had more time, what else would you have done?
B:  More hiking! I would have loved to have stayed in Jackson an extra night and see more of Salt Lake City.

I’m so thankful that Brittney shared her trip and photos with me! There is always so much to gain from other people’s experiences. If you want to know more about Brittney and her travels you can visit her blog at:  notfornothingyall.com. (All photos courtesy of Brittney)

Just for shits & giggles I’ll always ask some additional {fun} questions (keep reading) 

N:  What did you eat? and where (if you ate at a restaurant/diner of any kind)?
B:  The most memorable place we ate was at a pizza place on Colter Bay. The view was to die for, and of course it was just made better with pizza and beer after a REALLY long first day.

N:  Compared to other trips you have taken, was this a top 5 travel according to you?
B:  I think this absolutely is in the top 5, although it’s getting hard to pick a favorite trip now.

N:   Where will you go next?
B:  I’m going to Charleston this weekend for a quick visit. I also have Vegas booked for my birthday the first week in November and Dallas to see Dolly Parton in December! Now I need to find an adventure to book.

Safe travels!



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