Meet Nicole


Hey there Wanderer!

My Name is Nicole, I am “the poor little rich girl.”

I don’t want to be overly generic here and tell you how much I like to travel and how I’m destined to be a traveler, blah blah blah. Instead, I will tell you how and why (the short version) I became a wanderlust.

{My grandparents were fortunate enough to travel almost the entire globe. I always envied that they have been so many places and knew so much about the world. Since I was little my parents took us on various vacations and we travelled by car, boat and planes. We went to the typical Disneyland and Disney World and they took us to cool places like Washington D.C. and on our first cruise we left from San Juan, Puerto Rico to visit a few islands (Martinique, St. Thomas, etc.). I had seen a few places and done a few things, but still not as ‘cool’ as my grandma telling me the story of her and my grandpa going to Egypt and seeing the Great pyramids of Giza.}

After my Grandpa passed; my grandma continued to travel but she didn’t get to it all, but I knew I wanted to. She once told me that if I wanted to travel that I would find a way.

So here I am.

Though I don’t get much time to travel, I make a chance when I can. I have a “real life” job that requires 99% of my functioning brain (of which 50% is daydreaming of where to travel next). When I do get to travel, it usually requires months of planning, and re-planning and then often having to scratch off plans because I am an over achiever (in the best of ways). I want to do it all and see it all RIGHT NOW.

Typically I’ll search around to find the best: ┬ábest airfare, best travel route, best hotel for my money, best food, etc. I want to stretch and bend as far a possible to make the most of my travel.

On another note, you may wonder why I called this blog The Poor Little Rich Girl.

I’ve been nodded as “rich,” because I work really hard and save money to make the travelings possible. I don’t have any kids, which makes me “poor” because some people feel sorry for me (that I haven’t used my body for reproduction to enjoy the wonderment of bearing a child). In essence you can understand the sarcastic-ness in this all.

You may have set plans in life but my plans include seeing the world. I will leave you with a few things that I believe shaped my wanderlust:


There is a list of places.

There are books of images.

It was a class, that opened my eyes.

I have a dream.

I have a need.

And my imagination is running wild.


I hope you’ll enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy sharing it with you! ┬áStop and tell me something some time, I’m open to listen.

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