This month I will be tackling quite the itinerary in a short amount of time…

One of these itineraries includes a trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey for work. I’ve yet to actually step foot onto the state of New Jersey, so I am excited to be adding another state to the list! I do not know much about this boardwalk town, other than the likes of casinos, drama TV from Jersey Shore and that it’s the East coast version of Las Vegas (kind of). I know nothing about its history or why people came here in the first place… at least not until I did some research.

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A year and a half ago I had been captivated by an artist that was showing at my local museum here in Houston. After doing some research on her and visiting the exhibition with a few good friends of mine, I’d become obsessed with seeing more of her work.

Later that year I’d signed up for a class in San Francisco and decided to take 2 extra days before class started to drop by in Los Angeles, specifically to visit the museums in LA {that’s a whole other adventure for another time}, seeking out this artist’s work.

Infinity Room- The Souls of a Million Light Years Away

She currently has a traveling exhibit through the U.S. When I saw that she’d have multiple installations in one place, I needed to see them! The first exhibition was in Washington D.C. and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to see it, but I had a few days before a major event at work and made plans to head East and view them. Unfortunately, the exhibit had moved by the time I wanted to go. Seattle was the next stop and so to Seattle  I planned to go for a short 3 day itinerary.

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Why I Turned Around

My latest adventure took me to Seattle, Washington. Yet, another state I’ve gotten to check off the list!

I recently got in touch with a friend who lives just outside the city (Freemont), Aaleen (pronounced: Al-eeen). We used to work together many moons ago when we were in college, she completed grad school in Seattle and stayed after nailing a pretty great job. And though we haven’t talked too much, we still keep in touch via Facebook and Instagram {where I swoon over all her amazing photos, which you’ll get to see below}.

When I told her I was going to be in town and that I wanted to go hiking, she was ecstatic! She listed out a few places she hadn’t been but wanted to go. I left the hiking destination to her choosing:  Blanca Lake.


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Salt Lake City

10 days has come and gone.

They have not gone by quickly, nor have they gone by slowly either. Departing Yellowstone we head North into Montana {checking off another state} and then back South through Idaho to return back to Utah and complete the final leg of this epic 2017 Roadtrip!

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Geysers, Hot Spring and Bison. Oh My!

Did you know that Yellowstone is open year round? Like most parks, it sure is!

Yellowstone National Park

What is more interesting, is that there are 4 entrances to YellowstoneNorth, South, East & West. Only the North entrance is open all year while the rest are closed until mid May. Which is where this itinerary begins…

On Day 9 we head from Grand Tetons into the South entrance. Not surprising at all was the amount of snow still on the ground. Since we moved this entire road trip back 2 months for this very reason, seeing about 3 feet of snow on the side of the freshly cleared road made complete sense!

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After crossing Utah off the visited list out of 50 states, we got to check off another state when we headed north to Wyoming!

Welcome to Wyoming

Our drive was a lengthy 9 hours, not including the pit stop in Salt Lake City (we’ll discuss this stop later) that took up the entirety of Day 8. This drive took us on a weaving adventure through the state line of Wyoming and Idaho where we saw plenty of grassy fields, winding rivers, mountains with snow, horses, barns and even a moose crossing the road!

The following day we decided to follow my Lonely Planet guide through Jackson Hole & Grand Tetons before heading to Yellowstone. The book gives a 1-hour tour route to see the “hot spots” around this area.

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